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Welcome to OblinArk

OblinArk manufacture hydrokinetic devices that generate green power to suit the largest of energy needs. The build and installation of alternative hydro systems. Unlike Solar and wind, our devices generate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year with fast implementation and are fully scalable.


The OblinArk Vessel


Environment friendly, "potentially having a low negative impact on migrating fish there may be wider environmental benefits to the OblinArk over other hydropower technologies", Please click for full Fish Impact Report.

 Acting to reduce climate change, supporting a better place to live for us all.

  • Our 180kw Ark saves 600 tonnes of CO2 per year against coal generation.
  • Generates 1103760 kwh per year and supplies 230 average houses with green electricity.
  • There are currently two production OblinArk options, 90kw and 180kw.
  • Each model can be linked together to offer additional generation from a single site.
  • Large bespoke versions and arrays can be supplied.
  • Manufactured from 99.96% recyclable materials.

Introducing The new 200KW Harvester

1: Very good build cost per KW that works financially with most seasonal flows
2: Smaller units designed to fit within standard ISO container envelopes
3: They cope extremely well with floating garbage.
4: They are 100% fish and wildlife friendly.
5: Very easy and cost effective to implement
6: Very light for easy logistics
7: 2 and 3 phase Versions
8: 20 foot 15KW and 40 foot 30KW versions ( both 2 per ISO container )
9: Larger versions rated @ 120KW, 150KW and 200KW all in planning.

"I'd say hydrokinetic generators are at the stage where the wind generators were 15 years ago"
Jerome Jackson, research professor at the Institute of Northern Engineering with the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.



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Latest News

Jan 2016

New 2016 Hydro FIT Tariffs

< 100kW 8.54p/kWh

100-2000kW 6.14p/kWh

>2000kW 4.43p/kWh

15th November 2015

Corners and curves at The Hepworth Gallery @HepworthGallery


Nov 2015

Oblin Holdings Ltd is proud to announce that it has secured a 2nd round of funding to build the first of a new generation of gravity engine generators OBLINENGINE that will fit seamlessly into the environment to provide green power at the same time as generating guaranteed income under the government backed feed-in-tariffs (FIT's) and power export schemes. Our calculations from the current design shows a pay back within 2 to 3 years. We remain open to other global collaborative investment.

Oct 2015

The new 200Kw Harvester

Sep - March 2015

New Harvester testing

May - June 2014

Government requested surveys for Africa and Indonesia

15th October 2013

OblinArk finalist for the Innovation category of the  HP Smart Business Awards 2013


25th April 2013

OblinArk Client surveys now ordered for Egypt, Peru and Zambia

29th March 2013

OblinArk to build 25KW 40ft ISO Container type hydrokinetic generator

18th February 2013

Discharge of Condition(s) Approved

5th February 2013

Lemonroyd-90-SID moved ready for phase one of the before and after underwater noise monitoring requested by the Environment Agency



Thank you for your interest in OblinArk.

We have various options for investment either on a project basis, multi project investment, or a share of the company.

If you would like more information about the various options it would be best to contact us so we can discuss your specific goals and what way we can match those with our strategic plan and financial needs.