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Oblin Holdings Ltd has designed and built the first of a new generation of hydrokinetic generators that will fit seamlessly into the environment to provide green power at the same time as generating income under the government backed feed-in-tariffs (FIT's). 
The Arks are a low impact mobile solution, fast to implement compared to other hydro solutions and have been developed to co-exist within the environment and support the wildlife habitat.  The low draft of the vessel allows delivery to the remotest of locations. They can be situated anywhere on the waterway which has suitable mooring and water velocity and can be re-positioned should conditions change.
The Ark is based on a boat design with an integral series of water wheels to produce carbon free energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - unlike its counterparts wind and solar which have a much higher reliance on suitable conditions. The design and quality is aimed to limit any maintenance down time over a 20 year life span and its size is fully scalable and modular, dependant on the local environment.  Multiple International Applications have been made to protect the Design and Intellectual Property Rights of the Ark. 
There are currently two Ark options, 90Kw and 180Kw.  A 180kw Ark will supply 230 average houses with green electricity (average annual consumption 4800 kwh) and save 600 tonnes of carbon production a year against coal generation.  Each model can be linked together to offer additional generation from a single site and bespoke versions and arrays can be designed using the same principles to meet even the largest of energy needs.
In conjunction with Environment Agency, and Canal and River Trust, a number of suitable sites have been identified to locate the Arks within the UK.  In addition to the UK market there is an immediate opportunity to rapidly implement the Ark's across the world with enquiries already received from Africa, Brazil, Canada, Peru, Guyana and the Ukraine, not to mention a number of International Aid Agencies.
The current interest in green energy and the necessity for governments to meet their agreed climate change obligations opens a window of opportunity for Oblin Holdings Ltd to become a truly global hydro energy solution provider.  The UK Feed In Tariffs (FIT) rates have been guaranteed by the government for 20 years and are RPI linked.  There are more than 50 other countries with similar FIT schemes in place and others with Carbon Reduction Schemes and off grid requirements.
In addition to FIT revenue, additional income is available from carbon credits.  Further return can be made from sales of the Arks to allow customers to retain the guaranteed income from the FIT, and under a franchise agreement there is an opportunity to develop unlimited build rights within countries or zones.
There is very good potential for government funding and we are making excellent progress with our lobbying of government ministers, mp’s and their departments. The world's top 10 rivers are ideal for using this approach to energy generation.
Having built, tested and proved the theory, the Company is now seeking investment in return for equity to produce a commercial model to fit standard ISO shipping containers, significantly reduce the base cost, be far easier to transport and implement worldwide. The founder is currently the 100% shareholder of Oblin Holdings Ltd and to date the company has been self-financed to £1.15M and is unencumbered.
River Locations Length in miles
Nile Africa 4180
Amazon South America 3912
Mississippi USA 3710
Yangtze China 3602
Ob Russia 3459
Yellow China 2900
Yenisei Russia 2800
Parana South America 2795
Irtish Russia 2758
Zaire (Congo) Congo 2716


Management Team

Brannan Tempest MD (52), Bringing to Oblin Holdings Ltd not only the Ark concept itself but a rare mix of business development in IT services and Electronic Engineering and a long history of entrepreneurial success. He provides a solid foundation to move the business through its development and launch programme. Other current on going clients include the Crossrail project in London and Vickers Defense.

Steve Walker (53),  Steve has over 25 years experience in the power industry and has a wealth of knowledge both in related IT and also technical data. He has many strong utility industry contacts together with a sound knowledge of industry tariffs that will be invaluable moving forward. Having an MBA and being Managing Director of a successful IT business consultancy working in Utilities, Retail & Leisure and Finance sectors will provide a strong background in business management. Steve will bring this focus to develop the business relationships, marketing and day to day running once the project is established.

Craig Tempest (47), Craig has more than 10 years relevant industry experience with specific qualifications in the hydro sector. He has many years experience in sewer and surface water monitoring, making him invaluable in developing the correct product profiles to attain greatest efficiencies, and best locations.

Sid Tempest (RIP Dad Love You),  A highly qualified Professional Euro Engineer, both in the UK and abroad, providing multi‐disciplined technical services to legal concerns, manufacturers, contractors and other end‐users, with experience covering over 40 years, during which time he also acquired an honours degree in Computer Engineering. Also has significant project management experience with large projects, taking them from early stage concepts to post production. Sid's depth of knowledge and experience in engineering and product management will be fully utilised with the OblinArk project. Other current on going clients include Seven Trent, Yorkshire Water and the Crossrail Project.


wheel With the current interest in green energy and the necessity for governments to meet their agreed climate change obligations, there is a window of opportunity for Oblin to increase the portfolio of renewable generation.

There is solid opportunity to build OblinArk into a truly global hydro energy solution provider.

email   For a global green investment opportunity with planned IPO, please enquire