OblinArk News

Jan 2016

New 2016 Hydro FIT Tariffs

< 100kW 8.54p/kWh - 100-2000kW 6.14p/kWh - >2000kW 4.43p/kWh

Nov 2015  Corners and curves at The Hepworth Gallery @HepworthGallery

Nov 2015  Oblin Holdings Ltd is proud to announce that it has secured a 2nd round of funding to build the first of a new generation of gravity engine generators OBLINENGINE that will fit seamlessly into the environment to provide green power at the same time as generating guaranteed income under the government backed feed-in-tariffs (FIT's) and power export schemes. Our calculations from the current design shows a pay back within 2 to 3 years. We remain open to other global collaborative investment.

Oct 2015  New 200Kw Harvester

Nov - March 2015  New Harvester testing

May - June 2014  Government requested surveys for Africa and Indonesia

15rd Oct 2013  -  OblinArk finalist for the Innovation category of the  HP Smart Business Awards 2013.

25th April 2013  -  OblinArk Client surveys now ordered for Zambia.

29th March 2013  - OblinArk to build 25KW 40ft ISO Container type hydrokinetic generator.

18th Feb 2013 - Discharge of Condition(s) Approved

5th Feb 2013 -  Lemonroyd-90-SID moved ready for phase one of the before and after underwater noise monitoring requested by the Environment Agency.

27th Jan 2013 - Lemonroyd-90-SID Rides the floods Video

15th Jan 2013 - Successful Commisioning of Lemonroyd-90-SID Video

21st Dec 2012 - Successful switch on and passed DNO G59/2 Witness Testing

8th Dec 2012 - Launch of "Lemonroyd 90 Sid". Video  +  Gallery  +  Yorkshire Post

Sep 2012 - APEM Ltd publish "OblinArk Fish Impact Report"      

Aug 2012 - Planning permission granted for "OblinArk"             

Jul 2012 - Works In river licence for Lemonroyd granted              

May 2012 - Order for "Lemonroyd 90 Sid" 90KW Ark placed

May 2012 - Prototyping confirms concept

Mar 2012 - Initial investment secured

Jan onwards 2012 - Consultation meetings

Nov 2011 - Investment presentation at Y.A.B.A            

Dec 2010 - Prototyping begins

Sep 2010 - The Concept was born